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Rich mix of Nature, Tradition, Technology, Integrity and Committment

AKC Commodities, Inc was established in 1991 with the goal of bringing an Asian flavor into American homes. Since then, ethnic foods have become the fastest growing category in the North American food market. The tastes of consumers demand exciting flavors from all over the world; AKC stands ready to supply the very best.

Customer Appreciation We run monthly specials and special deals for bulk buyers. At the same time, we are very supportive of new and upcoming businesses, as may nurture our relationships and grow together.

AKC has been supplying both organic & conventional basmati rice, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and spices to the commodity industry since its inception; we pride ourselves in our supplier-customer relationship. Our strengths in sourcing, distribution and marketing provides our customers with the tools necessary to expand their business while making vital purchasing decisions with confidence. With our vast sourcing abilities, we catalog trends, anticipate shortages and constantly develop new sources in order to better serve our customers. We consistently ensure the best quality of our product range, while providing competitive pricing, and on time deliveries. We clearly understand the nature of our business and also what it takes to satisfy our customers, whether large or small, and we are committed to providing reliability, consistency and quality.




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